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A Professional Image Matters

We know how important it is for us to preserve your professional reputation and for our staff to be easily identified and cohesive. With that in mind, our team will never be out of uniform. All members of our staff wear close-toed, rubber soled shoes and appropriate work attire from Paragon Peak to preserve safety and functionality. We make sure that our employees look as sharp as the product they deliver.

Paragon Peak Building Maintenance is a full service janitorial and facility maintenance company serving Arizona, Phoenix, Tucson and surrounding areas for the last 21 years. Paragon is an industry leader that is founded upon integrity, operational excellence and state of the art client care.

We know that every facility has a different set of needs and requirements. Because Paragon is a full service commercial office cleaning company we are able to meet your needs with a full array of commercial janitorial services – from complete floor care, carpet cleaning, stone restoration and VCT strip and waxing.

Paragon Peak is skilled in bronze, silver and gold LEED certified buildings and we are able to design and implement approved green cleaning systems. If desired Paragon will supply cleaning chemicals along with paper products and consumables to keep your facilities not only looking great but fully stocked and functional as well.

Our best in class, janitorial service, has been exclusively serving the Arizona commercial sector since 1994 and we continue to out perform our competitors year after year in quality, services offered and responsive support. From office complexes, medical campuses, car dealerships and private schools we have all your Janitorial needs covered. Our crews and supervisors are task and performance orientated being pre-trained in their particular working environment so the client always receives the best service.

We invite you to consider the advantages and convenience of using Paragon Peak's Services and explore the possibility of a premier office cleaning and maintenance partnership by clicking here.

You deserve a better vendor than the many who will underbid and then provide shoddy work, hidden costs or fees, or fewer janitors than you really need. You deserve direct, honest, fair rates for direct, honest, fair work. We won't change the number of janitors on your team or the rate you pay unless we agree on it in advance.

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