Welcome to Paragon Peak Building Maintenance


Paragon Peak Building Maintenance is a full service janitorial and facility maintenance company serving Tucson and Phoenix for the last 20 years. Paragon is an industry Leader that is founded upon Integrity, Operational Excellence and State of the Art Client Care.

We know that every facility has a different set of needs and requirements. Paragon is not just a commercial office cleaning company, Paragon is full service and able to meet your needs with a full array of commercial janitorial services – from complete floor care, carpet cleaning, stone restoration and VCT strip and waxing. Paragon also offers complete landscaping to maintain, rehab or redesign your existing site including full service irrigation repair and replacement. Paragons HVAC team is the best in the business and will keep your home or office cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Along with regular filter changes we can also maintain your entire heating and cooling system for maximum efficiency and comfort.

Of course Paragon also offers best in class, full service janitorial, exclusively serving the commercial sector since 1994 and we continue to out perform our competitors year after year in quality, services offered and responsive support.

We invite you to consider the advantages and convenience of using Paragon Peak’s Services and explore the possibility of a premier office cleaning and maintenance partnership by clicking here.