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Professional Floor Cleaning Services in Tucson Arizona

The cleaning experts at Paragon Peak understand that floor cleaning is an integral part of the office building maintenance. We have been providing professional floor cleaning services since 1994 with a comprehensive system that combines our rich experience in the commercial cleaning industry with advanced technological innovation. 

Our cleaning experts can handle any flooring size and type and we utilize the best cleaning solutions and equipment to increase the shine and longevity of your office floor. We make use of touch point cleaning as an effective office floor cleaning technique, which reduces the level of germs in your office and adds value to your company’s image.

With Paragon’s cleaning professionals, you won’t need to wait for your next new floor installation to see a greatly improved appearance in your office. Save both your valuable time and resources by hiring our floor-cleaning experts, who are devoted to serving clients in the Tucson and Phoenix areas. Some of the comprehensive floor-cleaning services offered by us are the following:

  • Sweeping and dry mopping to ensure the removal of all the dirt, stain and debris from the floor.

  • Utilization of non-toxic chemicals for safe yet efficient floor sanitizing.

  • Providing the floor with final polishing to ensure sparkling floor surfaces. This process occasionally requires the stripping and reapplication of the floor wax.

  • Using floor-buffers when necessary for the removal of stains from the floors surface.


Your clients first impressions of your office can determine your profitability, so it is quite crucial to focus on core business areas along with other important aspects in your business facility that can contribute to your success. If you do not invest in a regular office floor cleaning routine, then there is an increasing risk that your floors would reflect dirt and scuffs, thus marring your business prospects.

Prospective customers often consider a company to be highly professional when it maintains high standards of quality in every aspect, especially in regards to cleanliness. Shiny and tidy office floors also contribute to better customer management and employee satisfaction in the long-run. Contrarily, a dirty office can lead to poor indoor air quality and greater rates of absenteeism.

If you have an office located in the greater Tucson or Phoenix areas and think you might benefit from our professional floor cleaning services, we would be happy to serve you!

The Karcher BD 50/50

One of our auto scrubbers, the Karcher BD 50/50 is great for small to large size hard surface flooring maintenance, helping to keep our retail, school and healthcare customers clean, looking good and ready for customers.

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