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How to Achieve Clean Air in your Home or Workplace

August 19, 2016


The secret to a great workplace is the hygiene and health standards it can afford to those working there. Same goes for our homes. There are many offices or families who don’t pay much attention to the air quality of their space and this negatively impacts them both physically and mentally. Many may develop allergies due to unclean air in the office and fall seriously ill which would impact the company as well.

A number of cleaning methods from vacuuming to dusting are in effect today, but many of these are ineffective and can even exacerbate the problem. Let us now elaborate on the issue and determine the correct ways to purify the air with the correct tools and methods.

These are as follows:

1. Air filters need to be changed periodically and a dirty one will rack up your bills as well as actually allow dust particles to return back into your home or office room. For children and pets, unfiltered or unclean air might be very hazardous and can cause serious harm. The most recommended step to avoid all that would be to change air filters as frequently and as practically as possible, ideally once every month.

 2. Improvement in ventilation is a major requisite for a stable environment within a room, be it home or office. However, simply opening a window doesn’t help as outside pollutants get direct access to your room. Rather, you can install a trickle vent to ensure ventilation without letting in contaminants and other undesirables.

3. Eliminate the source of the pollution by removing or reducing the use of air polluting substances/actions inside the property. Smoke, moisture and dust build-up all contribute to it and it’s important for us to stop allowing these to take place any further.

4. Activated charcoal in carbon filters is a brilliant measure to defeat air pollution in your home or office as it effectively absorbs dust and other pollutants from the air.

5. Houseplants are well known and proven to contribute toward air purification. Many are present at offices for both psychological and health benefits. Research have concluded that some household plants are effective at removing harmful contaminants from the air, namely formaldehyde, clearing your air. These are inexpensive and easily maintained additions to an office or a home and they also add to its aesthetic value. Examples are: Butterfly Palm and Peace Lily.

 6. Vacuuming all over is important to make sure your home/office remains pollutant free. Office cubicles, for example, are generally walled with fabric, which like a carpet is highly susceptible to dust mites and particles. Vacuuming vertical surfaces is possible with the proper equipment. Vacuum cleaners with hoses and additional attachments help in removing dust from walls. HEPA multi-filtration backpack vacuums, for example, have attachments allowing for the removal of a large percentage of dust particles from the air with ease. Regular carpet cleaning also results in reduced mold and allergens formation in carpets, thus improving hygiene at home or at office.

 7. Feather dusters have become redundant with the new age cleaning and vacuuming tools and with good reason. Rather than absorbing and removing dust, what feather dusters do is to send dust particles into the air to simply settle back on surfaces or worse, be inhaled by you. Using microfiber towels with disinfectants is far more effective as they actually pick up and remove dirt.

To conclude, its flawlessly determined above about how air pollution is detrimental to our health and well-being. The various methods and precautions are in place and all we need to really do is implement the tactics necessary to create a clean office/home environment. Any work we do or any familial memory we want to remember should happen in a clean and safe environment, which is why we need to keep everything spick and span.

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