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September 7, 2016


Have you been suffering from dry coughs for the last few days? Do you feel weak all the time and assume that you might get a fever? Do you have a sore throat and headaches that do not go away easily?

Beware!! You might be suffering from influenza.

Influenza, commonly known as Flu, is seasonal in nature but this H1N1 virus can attack your body any time. The symptoms generally appear late within 1-5 days and the infection period might last up to 10 days. Among all other US states, Arizona has consistently topped the chart with the maximum number of people being down with flu and other associated symptoms. More alarming is the fact that almost as many as 1,800 influenza cases have been reported in Arizona this year and the general physicians are unaware of the actual reason.

What You need to Know About Influenza?

Arizona and Phoenix are distinguished by extreme weather conditions and, therefore, the severity of the flu is greater in these areas. The Health Department of Arizona cannot determine or control the increasing number of flu cases in Arizona and the widespread impact of the disease. Read below the most astonishing facts about the flu season prevailing in Arizona, Phoenix and Tucson:

  • There is generally a tendency among common people to see the flu as a separate disease from any other medical conditions. But clinical research reveals that diseases such as severe allergies and common colds, which are rampant in Phoenix, can also be symptoms of influenza.

  • The common belief is that January to March is the seasonal period in which influenza mostly occurs. But there have been reported flu cases in Arizona which came after March. Such extension of the Flu season points towards greater danger because this means you can be infected with the H1N1 virus any time.

  • The infection rate with H1N1 virus is greater in Tucson and Phoenix. It is primarily the reason that the effectiveness of the flu vaccines is reduced in the recent times.

  • There is an increasing flu activity in the public places due to the highly contagious nature of the H1N1 virus.

How Can the Influenza Be Treated and Prevented?

  • As the infection level by the flu virus is getting sporadic in the places such as Arizona, Phoenix and Tucson, it is absolutely mandatory for you to get the flu shot. Children can be vaccinated against the virus when they become 6 years in age or older. On the other hand, special medical care should be provided by elderly people who are more susceptible to this disease and might develop chronic respiratory infection with it.

  • Do not waste time by speculating on the seasonal period for flu. The infection rate and its severity is unpredictable to the doctor. Therefore, get the flu shot as soon as possible.

  • The flu strains have taken a changeable form for which it might come back at any season with any particular symptom. One of the best ways to protect yourself is to immunize yourself against it.

  • Consult with a general physician if the flu symptom does not clear up within 1 week. Pursuing medications courses are important to ensure that you are completely free from the virus.

  • There is a common myth that one would develop influenza if they get the flu vaccine. The reality is that flu vaccines contain dead or inactivated viruses and help your body build a resistance against them.

Seek our Cleaning Services for Better Flu Prevention

Your office is the second home to your employees in which they discuss ideas, offer various assistance and, thus, contribute to the overall growth of your company. As a manager, it is your duty to ensure a dirt-free and hygienic office environment. At Paragon Peak, we understand that the maintenance of cleanliness and sanitation in commercial structures keeps the environment safe from any germ and flu viruses and provides good health for one and all. Our team of cleaning experts is always there to help you and would provide a wide range of high class cleaning services with utmost professionalism and expertise. Have a meeting with our cleaning experts today and let us take care of your premises.

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