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Preventing Germs in your Work Place: 4 Truths & How Commercial Cleaning Can Help You

October 13, 2016



Do you dread of catching an infection when someone coughs and sneezes in front of you? Do you avoid contact with any ailing person for the fear of spreading disease?

If yes, then you are very conscious about your own sanitation as you keep your habits healthy. But, do you know that your workplace is also a breeding place of germs?


According to recent surveys, most of the absenteeism in any organization occurs due to the poor hygiene maintenance on the office premise. If you are thinking of taking extra precaution about the toilet seats of your work place, you would be more surprised to know that you can be susceptible to germs even from the usage of your own desk! Before you can decide what can be done about this appalling fact, know 4 hard truths about germ infestations in work places.

Truth No. 1: Your Office Desk is More Polluted than You Think

A standard office desk includes a computer, one phone connection and a spacious area. It is estimated that as much as 10-million bacteria can breed on an office desk, if not cleaned on time. Moreover, if you have the habit of eating snacks or lunch on your desk, you are inviting more trouble, because food crumbs can fall anywhere and lead to the growth of bacteria. From the door handle to your chair- nothing is safe or immune to bacterial growth!

Truth No. 2: The Viruses Live Longer in Congested Rooms

Our work places do not receive much sunlight. As a result, viruses find the perfect environment to survive and hide anywhere. Those can multiply in number and become very infectious. Such environmental conditions are very harmful for people who are weak or already suffering from some diseases.

Truth no. 3: A Virus Takes Only 4 Hours to Multiply

In one recent study conducted by the researchers of the University of Arizona, if a door handle is contaminated with some virus, it would take only 4 hours to spread in the office through mere touch. Some of the things in the office that are identified to be susceptible to viruses include phones, kitchen appliances, bathrooms and office desks.

Truth No. 4: Your Bathroom Soap Can Make You Really Sick

If you have a bar soap instead of liquid soap, chances are that you would contract an infectious disease that another employee in the office might be suffering from and one who has used that soap. Soaps contain moisture and locks the bacteria. As a result, it just takes a few seconds for the bacteria to get transmitted to another body.

 Germ Prevention: How We Can Help You with Commercial Cleaning:

1. In order to prevent germ prevention, we recommend proper sanitation of the workplace which plays a crucial role in your well-being.

2. You should know that all the cleaning products do not work on germ prevention properly. But our cleaning professionals have expertise in understanding the requirements of your office and provide you with office cleaning supplies along with the periodical supervision of cleaning the office premises. For example, anti-bacterial wipes work amazingly well in killing off viruses and germs from hard surfaces and offer you a more hygienic work place.

3. We also recommended hand sanitizers to our clients which kill bacteria faster. We also advise to keep anti-bacterial hand sanitizer dispenser in all high traffic areas so that proper hygiene can is maintained.

Consult Us and Make Your Work Place Germ Free:

When it comes to preventing germs in the office space, we offer the best commercial cleaning services that help you maintain a safe and healthy environment which in turn increases your productivity. Consult us today and see how we can serve you better!

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