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February 14, 2017


When you are running a business in any commercial property as a manager, there are a number of factors which you need to keep in mind. The cleanliness of your office is one of the important factors which ensures the well-being of your employees and keeps your clients impressed with your business environment. It might seem easy to employ anyone for performing the cleaning services at your office. But, commercial cleaning services include a vast range of activities which need both expertise and efficiency.

At Paragon Peak, we understand the complexity of the commercial cleaning process and offer trained crew at your service who have good knowledge about the best professional cleaning techniques and are equipped with all the latest cleaning equipment. We believe in providing our service before the office hours so that you can step into a hygienic and safe environment and feel refreshed. We also pay close attention to the requirements of our clients which can be related to budget or location of the office. Our flexible operations and high standards of cleaning services have assisted us in delivering amazing results to our clients.

Here is a comprehensive list of all janitorial services that we can offer you:

• Commercial Cleaning

Taking the responsibility of providing cleaning services to any commercial building requires professionalism. Our commercial cleaning services extend over popular places, such as Tucson, Phoenix, Scottsdale, Mesa and Arizona, and we would provide you thorough assistance in completing all of the following cleaning tasks on your commercial premise:

1. Dusting
2. Vacuuming and cleaning
3. Removal of grease and other stains

Our cleaning experts work as a team and can perform many other janitorial services which are cost-effective and highly necessary to maintain the sanitation of your commercial building.

• Day Porter

Our team of experts have gone beyond the traditional concept of day porters and believe in adding value to the lives of their clients. Our professionals receive extensive training and understand the significance of maintaining hygiene in office premises. They would carry all their tasks with minimal interruption and are licensed professionals who can guarantee your satisfaction. Our day porter services include:

1. Maintaining the cleanliness of restrooms
2. Dusting and washing
3. Painting walls (if necessary)
4. Maintaining the cleanliness of trash bins
5. Removal of litters from office floors and washrooms

• Floor Waxing

Floor is the first thing that catches the attention of the visitors when they come to your office. You cannot get bright and shining floors with just mopping. Any hard foot imprint can affect the beauty of your floors and disrupt the decoration of your office. We, at Paragon Peak, are dedicated to providing you with absolutely clean floors and use high quality foreign materials that have the ability to cover the holes and crevices of the floor.

Floor waxing is one of our floor care specialities in which we make thorough inspection of the floor, choose the right materials and offer the best floor stripping solutions to make your floors attractive and tidy.

• Carpet Cleaning

Cleaning the office carpet is not as easy as it sounds. The variety of textures on the carpet requires different and suitable cleaning chemicals which can remove tough stains and spots from the carpet. But, we understand that performing the evaluation of the nature of carpet stains plays a very important role in selecting the suitable carpet cleaning service. We offer many carpet services that include:

1. Hot Water Extraction or Steam Cleaning
2. Absorbent Dry Compound
3. Foams
4. Shampoo
5. Combination of Hot Water Extraction and Shampoo
6. Truck Mount Service

• Window Washing

Your office glasses need to be clear in order to add glamour to the captivating beauty of your office décor. Windows are the external parts of your office and those are always susceptible to dust and debris. If left unattended, the layers of dust on window glasses can become permanent and make all cleaning attempts unsuccessful. Therefore, you need more than just wiping and mopping. We bring to you a wide range of window washing services that include:

1. Commercial and Industrial Contracts
2. High Pressure Washing
3. Ongoing Maintenance Contracts
4. Hard-Water Stain Removal

• Pressure Washing

Your office premise is always exposed to dust and dirt from outside and, at times, just vacuuming does not give you the desired tidiness. Therefore, we offer pressure-washing services with latest mechanical sprayers that offer high-pressure washing and can remove any kind of stain from surfaces such as paint, grime, mud, dirt etc. Pressure washing takes lesser time and can render your office its former beauty in just an hour.

Contact Us: Get the Best Commercial Cleaning Services

Are you thinking that your office premise is too big and availing just one or two of our services would not suffice? No problem! Get in touch with us today to have a consultation session with one of our expert executives and opt for our all-inclusive commercial cleaning service at a very affordable price. Get an office which looks amazing from inside. Contact us today!

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