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Why You Shouldn’t Overlook Wall Washing

February 25, 2017


Every office involves a cleaning process which is extensive. Floors, furniture, gates, ceilings are all washed or dusted to maintain a spotlessly clean office. But is that all? Or are we forgetting something? Yes, we are forgetting the walls! In the frenzy of cleaning up every other place, we usually ignore the walls which can become discolored due to the accumulation of dust and dirt in due course of time. Both office hygiene and goodwill get affected due to the dirt-smeared walls. So, it is imperative that we pay heed to this side of the cleaning process.

The advantages of wall washing are as follows:

  • Wall washing contributes to the improvement of office aesthetics. Anybody who visits your office, be it a client or a customer, will first see the doors and walls of your premises. If these aren’t clean, the first impression would be disastrous. An impression goes a long way and you may actually lose out on business and profit if a potential customer is turned off by your tainted office.

  • Hygiene is an important reason to have your walls clean. Walls can get dirty due to dirty hands that people put on the walls, emissions, outside pollution, festive or celebratory decorations and even spits and coffee stains. It is imperative that you hire experts from a professional cleaning company who specialize at cleaning walls. They implement up-to-date cleaning techniques and use the best cleaning solutions to clean the walls. This would ensure that your office remains clean and your employees healthy.

  • The atmosphere inside an office is crucial and directly proportional to the performance of your employees. A clean and bright office projects a happy mood while a dirty, dark and dank office would do the opposite. Naturally, the latter isn’t good for business as it affects the psychology of the worker. Our mood dictates us and a fresh environment helps us to be cheerful and energetic which reflects in the better performance and productivity.

  • Regular cleaning will ensure that the paint and/or the wallpapers on your walls are long lasting and look good. It is a known fact that when you paint on dirty walls, the paint is less effective and would peel off or be worn away before long. Also, by cleaning walls in time, you help maintain the quality of the walls and they look fresh as ever.

It is important to be mindful that extensive cleaning and dusting of your office at regular intervals is crucially linked to productivity. In other words, the impression your office makes on others, the safety and hygiene that your employees work under, the psychological effects of the place and its looks, contribute to a comfortable but competitive office environment. And it is impossible to meet these parameters without including your walls into the cleaning process. Whenever you decorate your walls, understand that you are affecting its look and creating a cause for dirt accumulation. Also, the condition of walls deteriorates with excessive dirt and grime accumulation. So, as a matter of fact, this needs to be handled with vigilance. Paragon Peak provides premier services in cleaning and is therefore much sought after by numerous companies and professionals. We are proud to say that we take a personal interest in keeping our client’s properties clean and we never disappoint them. Remember to keep your walls clean with our professionals at Paragon Peak.

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