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Keep Your Summer Insect Free. All You Need to Know About Pest Management

February 25, 2017


What does the word ‘Summer’ bring to your mind? Isn’t your mind transported into a flashback mode in which you see a shining sun to wake up with, happy leisure times spent on the beach and the long holiday periods? Summer is indeed the liveliest season that brings refreshment in our lives and fills us up with warmth and love. But summer can considerably elevate the level of humidity in drab places, such as Arizona and Phoenix, and such extremely hot weather conditions provide open invitation to insects to invade your home.

Arizona and Phoenix are known to be the home of as many as 15,000 insect species and few of these pests can be life-threatening for human beings. These insects become more active in the warmer months which means that you need more effective and advanced in pest management to keep your family and workplace safe and secure. Before you think of controlling these insects, you should also know about the nature, types and the reasons for which there is a boom in the population of these insects in summer.

Why Do You See More Insects in Summer?

When the weather is warmer, these insects become hungry and set out in search of food. Moreover, summer is also the time when they search for mates for reproduction. These insects are undeniably some of the vital elements that constitute and balance our ecosystem but they can be very bothersome to the homeowners and need to be controlled with greater efficacy.

Do not let your summer get disrupted by these troublesome insects. Learn about 5 kinds of worst insect infestations below along with some easy prevention tips.

How to Prevent Them

  • Any accumulated water area is a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Therefore, drain away all the stored but unused water in and around your home and workplace.

  • Use mosquito repellent when you go outdoors.

  • Use mosquito traps in darker places.

Worst Insect #2: Ants

Ants are probably the smallest creatures you would find in your home this summer but they can cause great nuisance in your life. They would target almost all the food in your home and their entry points can be the slightest crack on your ceiling or a small gap at your window. It is for their small sizes that you need more rigorous prevention and controlling.

How to Prevent Them

  • Take out your trash on a regular basis.

  • Do not keep your food open. Store them in sealed and protected containers.

  • Utilize insecticide if an infestation occurs.

  • If you have a pet, turn your attention to cleaning its left-over food immediately.

Worst Insect No. 3: Cockroaches

These creepy creatures, which are mostly seen in summer, will consume almost anything and are seen in larger numbers at places such as the bathroom and the kitchen. Cockroaches enter your home stealthily, mostly through the drainage system and their quick reproduction is the reason that they prevail among all other insects found in the warmer season. This might cause severe dermatological conditions, fever and diarrhoea if the edible food is contaminated by them.

use their entries into your home happen very suddenly. Flies, in search of food, might hover over your meals, sweet beverages, garbage bins and other dirty places and spread diseases in the process.

Worst Insect #4: Flies

These creatures are hard to control in summer because their entries into your home happen very suddenly. Flies, in search of food, might hover over your meals, sweet beverages, garbage bins and other dirty places and spread diseases in the process.

How to Prevent Them

  • Maintaining cleanliness at home is the most effective way to keep the flies out.

  • Keep the doors and windows closed during the meal times so that you can freely enjoy your food.

  • Clean all the counters of your home with disinfecting elements

Worst Insect #5: Bed Bugs

These insects do not generally cause any life-threatening disease but their constant presence would disturb your peace of mind and give you sleepless nights.

Wondering why?

Bugs are mostly found under the bed and their endless attack might make you very anxious and distressed as you are unable to sleep.

How to Prevent Them

  • You need the help of diligent professionals to help you control bed-bugs.

  • Maintain the cleanliness of your bed.

Start Pest Controlling Today with Our Experts

Controlling insects in the summer time is a difficult task which needs much of your productive time and effort. We, at Paragon Peak, understand that high quality cleaning services delivered by the professionals help you to maintain a hygienic environment and contribute to your well-being. Trust our pest controlling professionals who would provide you with the best protective pest management and help you relax this summer. Visit us today to know how we can help you with the best assistance on pest controlling.

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