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Tucson Medical Office Cleaning

and Janitorial Services

It is a fact that healthcare facilities deal with infectious and deadly diseases every day in the course of treating innumerable patients. Studies reveal that about 1.7 million people contract infections after visiting healthcare facilities. At Paragon Peak, controlling the spread of germs is at the core of our professional medical cleaning services. We use hospital-grade disinfectants and abide by advanced operational protocols to ensure the utmost cleanliness. 

Our hospital janitorial services are provided through proven and sustainable cleaning methods and techniques that eliminate dust and debris from restrooms and hospital beds, and aid the patients in enjoying a more comfortable healthcare experience. Some of the unique characteristics of our medical office janitorial services that make us one of the leading providers of effective medical cleaning programs in the Tucson and Phoenix areas are that:

  • Our cleaning professionals are OSHA certified and follow stringent medical cleaning protocols that are well-suited to clinical environments.

  • We work seamlessly to support the infection control plan of your medical facility that lowers the risks of contamination and diseases in patients.

  • Our medical cleaning services combine advanced technology with consistent team efforts. We take the sanitation of the examination rooms very seriously, and perform multiple cleaning tasks such as disposal of hazardous products and garbage bag removal etc.

  • Our hospital cleaning services are compliant with HIPAA and CDC standards.


The University of Arizona College of Public Health states that restrooms and examination beds are potential breeding grounds of numerous pathogens that can result in dangerous diseases. Additionally, hygiene within the hospital property contribute to the reputation of the hospitals. Patients depend on hospitals and the staff for the recovery of their health, however 77% of the patients won’t return to a hospital with not-so-clean restrooms. A good relationship between healthcare facilities and patients is fostered by a germ-free and clean facility. Medical office cleaning is, without doubt, critical to any medical facility.

At Paragon Peak, we innately understand the process of maintaining proper hygiene in medical offices and facilities. We proudly offer our professional medical office and hospital cleaning services to ensure a hygienic environment within your facility. We work in collaboration with other healthcare professionals in the Tucson and Phoenix areas to consistently provide top-quality medical facility cleaning services, which creates a clean, comfortable and safe environment for your valued patients.